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    Exploring the Dangers of Power Theft

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Power theft is not a victimless crime. There are some very serious repercussions for stealing power that affect both the thief and the community.

    Power theft involves tampering with electrical connection and meters to avoid having to pay for electricity. Not only is tampering with the power supply illegal, but it is also extremely dangerous. Untrained individuals could experience severe burns, shocks or even death when trying to manipulate the electrical supply. The danger isn’t limited to the individual trying to steal the power. By tampering with electrical systems, thieves can also start electrical fires that could affect other homes or disrupt electrical service for the whole community. Power theft is also punishable by large fines and jail time.

    If you suspect power theft is happening in your community, report the issue to Florida Public Utilities Company. Report any problems with suspected theft of electricity, propane, or natural gas by calling (561) 832-0872.  

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    Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Electricity

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Electricity is a safe part of your home, but it is important that you teach your kids how to use it properly and when to stay away from it. For kids, electricity can cause painful shocks, burns and even death when not used in the right way. Your energy provider is a great source of information about keeping your kids safe around electricity. The following ideas will also help.

    Use Safety Caps on Outlets

    To kids, electrical outlets are tempting. They see you put things into the outlets, so they want to explore the outlets themselves, often with their fingers, toys or other items. Talk to your kids about the dangers of putting anything into an electrical outlet. Then, remove the temptation completely by putting safety caps over all of your outlets while they are not in use. These caps will prevent your kids from accessing the outlets so they can’t make a bad choice about playing with them.

    Avoid Overloading Extension Cords

    Multiple plug extension cords are often used when you don’t have enough outlets. This problem is magnified thanks to all the new technology that needs to be plugged in, especially when receptacles are scarce. However, while an extension cord can help in a pinch, avoid overloading them. Overloaded extension cords may overheat and become a fire hazard.  

    Talk to Kids about Water and Electricity

    You know that water and electricity don’t mix, but do your kids? The majority of electricity-related incidents around the home involve using electricity around water. Make sure kids know to keep things like hair dryers away from tubs and sinks and to never plug in an appliance that has been exposed to water.

    For more safety tips, call Florida Public Utilities Company. Not only do we strive to make our natural gas, propane, and electricity services as efficient as possible, but we also make safety our number one priority. To sign up for our energy services or learn more about our company visit our Website

    Caring for Your Electrical System During a Storm

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Living in Florida means living with the possibility of a hurricane strike. When a storm is imminent, it is important to take steps to lessen the risk of electrical problems. There is also some crucial safety information to keep in mind about your electric system during and after the storm.

    Before the storm, unplug all of your appliances to protect against power surges. If someone in your home uses medical equipment that relies on electricity, get a back-up generator or consider moving them out of the home. During the storm, if your power goes out, stay away from circuit breakers and outlets. After a hurricane, stay away from any downed power lines and don’t plug in any appliances that may have been exposed to water.

    Florida Public Utilities Company can answer all of your questions about safety for all of your utilities when a storm threatens, including natural gas and propane. Learn more by visiting our Website and discover why we are one of the leading energy providers in Florida.  

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    Last updated 7 months ago

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